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Agricultural Insurance

Farming and agriculture play an important role in our local economy. Farms not only supply food and raw materials, but they also provide employment opportunities. Farm work is by no means easy — it involves long hours, and unlike standard 9-to-5 jobs, a farmer’s work is never over. We know how hard you work to keep your farm running smoothly, You deserve to have insurance coverage which keeps your assets, equipment, buildings, homes, and vehicles protected.

Serving Farmers Across La Porte County, Indiana

Tillinghast Insurance Agency is based in La Porte, IN, and has served clients across the area since the 1950s. Our owner and president, Greg Gardner, has been with our agency since 1980 and has extensive experience in helping clients find farm insurance to meet their current operation needs.

What Is Farm Insurance?

This is a special type of insurance policy which covers losses from weather events and circumstances out of the farmer’s control. These include rain, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, and other adverse weather conditions which can cause heavy losses. While major weather events cannot be prevented, some can be predicted and prepared for, which can help reduce the impact on a given operation.

Our agricultural insurance provides coverage for:

  • Farm Buildings
  • Farm Homes
  • Farm Equipment & Vehicles
  • Crop Storage Protection

No two farms are alike, so our team will work with you to design a policy which covers your specific needs. We will take the time to get to know you, your specific operation, and the goals you have for your farm. To ensure you receive consistent, quality coverage, we remain abreast of any changes within the farming industry.

We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you keep your farm protected. To start designing your agriculture insurance policy, contact Tillinghast Insurance Agency today at 219-326-7575.


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