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Agriculture is the practice that is concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock or simply known as farming. Agriculture is important because of its association with the production of essential food crops. It  plays an important role in an entire economy of a given country. It does not only provide food and raw material but employment opportunities as well.

What is Agriculture?

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But disasters hit hard, affecting food, people and agriculture itself. These disasters such as rain, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and other adverse weathers cause heavy loses to farmers. These disasters cannot be prevented but at some point can be predicted, giving time to prepare and reduce their impact.


But in some cases, disasters come unpredicted and farmers will have to deal with the major loses that it will cause.

What is Agriculture Insurance?

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Agricultural insurance is a special type of insurance that cover losses from adverse weather and events beyond the control of the farmers.

Our agricultural insurance insure:

  • Farm buildings

  • Farm homes

  • Farm equipment & vehicles

  • Crop storage protection