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It takes a lot of guts and risks when running a business, whether it is small or big. Know how to manage your risks and learn more about how you can secure your business and investment by learning more information about the type of insurance that is right for your business.

Secure your investments

Let our independent agency that has served La Porte, IN, since the 1950s help you find the right insurance plan at the most competitive rates. Get coverage before it's too late!

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We offer the following commercial insurance:

Commercial property insurance is a type of insurance that cover all types of commercial property. This will protect your property from such serious threats such as fire, theft and other natural disasters. Such businesses that can benefit from a property insurance are farms, ranches, manufacturers, retailers, service-oriented businesses and not-for-profit organizations. The cover of an insurance policy is applicable regardless if they own, rent or lease a building.


If a business owner is renting a building, they can consider getting a tenant coverage that usually cover the contents of the building that belong to you. Unlike the building owner's policy which usually cover only the building itself and not the contents of the building.


A single policy can be applicable to cover a business with more than one location. But this single policy will not cover business with multiple location if they have different functions and risk profiles.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

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  • Property insurance

  • Business auto insurance

  • Business worker's compensation insurance

  • Contractors insurance

  • Commercial rental insurance

  • General Liability

  • Basic form policies

  • Special form policies

  • Broad form policies

Types of Commercial Property Policies

This type of insurance is a mandatory carried by many businesses. This insurance protects companies from being used by employees when it comes to workplace conditions that might cause illness or injuries.


Workers' compensation insurance is required by law in almost every state. This is a key part in running a business. It will not only protect you and your employees but your business as well.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

As a contractor, you often face dangers and risks in your everyday job. In a split second, anything can happen in your job. Being a contractor comes great responsibility, your company's success depends on how you do the job well when it comes balancing income and expenses. If an unfortunate event happen, it will greatly impact your balance sheet. This is why it is important to have contractors insurance.

Contractors' Insurance

  • Construction Insurance

  • Carpenter Insurance

  • Plumbing Insurance

  • Cleaning Insurance

  • Electrician Insurance

  • Landscaping Insurance

  • Painting Insurance

  • Handyman Insurance

  • Snow Plow Insurance

Types of contractor insurance:

We offer more types of commercial insurance just right for your business' needs. Call us now for more information.